Equal opportunities

ZIMBABWE: Children born out of wedlock equally entitled to inheritance, court rules
2/juil/2015 News
The High Court judge ruled that the common law practice of excluding children born out of wedlock in inheritance matters was discriminatory.
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UNICEF: 'Progress for Children Beyond Averages - Learning from the MDGs'
30/juin/2015 Publication
This eleventh edition of Progress for Children is UNICEF’s final report on the child-related Millennium Development Goals ...
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NETHERLANDS: Remove age limits on right to die, say paediatricians
30/juin/2015 News
The Dutch Paediatric Association says the country should follow Belgium in changing law on euthanasia and scrapping age limit for children in unbearable suffering. 
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ITALIE : Une victoire juridique importante souligne l’incapacité des autorités à protéger les droits des Roms
17/juin/2015 News
Un tribunal italien a statué que la municipalité de Rome est coupable de ségrégation pour avoir relogé de force des familles roms dans un camp.
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MALTA: Gov't launches new policy to help schools address needs of trans, intersex students
16/juin/2015 News
Activists have welcomed the policy, which recommends an end to gender segregation in schools through things like uniforms, sports lessons, as well as facilities like toilets. 
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ITALY: Court condemns the City of Rome over 'nomadic camp'
15/juin/2015 News
The court decision marks the first time in Europe that a State-sanctioned Roma-only settlement is ruled discriminatory. 
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LABOUR RIGHTS: Child labour and protecting working children
11/juin/2015 Publication
Ahead of the World Day against Child Labour on 12 June, CRIN looks at whether in countries where child workers will work with or without labour protections, is a blanket ban on child work the best way of guaranteeing children's interests? 
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FRANCE: 3 millions d'enfants sous le seuil de pauvreté
11/juin/2015 News
Plus de 3 millions d'enfants, soit un sur cinq, vivent sous le seuil de pauvreté en France, 30.000 sont sans domicile, 9.000 habitent des bidonvilles et 140.000 décrochent de l'école chaque année, s'alarme l'Unicef dans un rapport publié mardi.
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