Domestic violence

CHILD RIGHTS: Malala and Indian children’s rights activist win Nobel Peace Prize
10/oct/2014 News
Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi have been jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work on promoting and protecting children's rights.
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ABUSO SEXUAL: 1 de cada 10 niñas ha sido víctima
8/sep/2014 News
El informe de UNICEF sobre violencia contra los niños, “Ocultos a plena luz”, incluye información de 195 países y busca aportar datos para que los gobiernos adopten decisiones. 
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SPAIN: UN condemns state for negligence in murder of seven-year-old girl
7/aoû/2014 News
UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) rules that negligence by authorities led to girl's murder by her father.
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ESPAÑA: Condena de la CEDAW por no proteger a una niña a quien mató su padre
5/aoû/2014 News
El Estado debe indemnizar a una madre que denunció 30 veces a su maltratador hace 11 años.
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SYRIA: Child marriage soars among Syrian refugees in Jordan
18/juil/2014 News
Girls who have fled Syria's civil war are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, domestic violence and poverty, warns the UN.
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PAKISTAN: Minorities fear ‘forced conversion’ to Islam
17/juin/2014 News
Human rights groups believe the number of reported cases failing to capture the true extent of the problem.
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UNITED KINGDOM: New law makes it criminal offence to force children into marriage
16/juin/2014 News
Campaigners say that the new law in England and Wales sends "a powerful message".
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ARGENTINA: Teenager who spent nine years locked in a garage rescued
17/avr/2014 News
A 15-year-old girl has been rescued in Argentina after being nearly starved and beaten in a garage by an adoptive family for nine years.
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LEBANON: Activists take issue with bill supposed to protect women's rights
3/avr/2014 News
Lebanon's parliament passed a law criminalising domestic violence. However, activists believe it does not go far enough to protect women's rights.
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