اطلاق سراح اصغر اسيرة فلسطينية
13/fév/2015 News
رام الله - معا - افرجت سلطات الاحتلال عن الطفلة الاسيرة ملاك الخطيب 14 عاما، ظهر الجمعة، بعد اعتقال دام ما يقارب الشهرين...
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CRIN MONITOR: Children in the Israeli military justice system
27/Jan/2015 Publication
Palestinian children are routinely and systematically subjected to a harsh military justice regime.
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EGYPT: Boy, 16, tried before military court next Monday
9/Jan/2015 News
Geneva-based organisation Alkamara pledges for UN intervention in the case of Seif al-Islam Osama Shousha who was arrested March 2014.  
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CENTROAMERICA: El número de niños que intenta huir de centroamérica se duplica en 2014
5/Jan/2015 News
Muchos niños deportados han relatado casos de abuso sexual y violencia por parte de los traficantes de personas.
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NEW REPORT: Unaccompanied children treated as criminals in the Commonwealth of Independent States
19/déc/2014 News
Press release of CRIN's report on rights violations of unaccompanied children travelling between the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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EGYPT: Six-hundred children locked up for months in unofficial police camp
19/déc/2014 News
The children are being held on political charges, and being denied medical treatment, in a detention centre which Ministry of the Interior denies the existence of. 
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PAKISTAN: Man tortured into manslaughter ‘confession’ at 15 among those set for execution
18/déc/2014 News
Shafqat Hussain is among a group of prisoners in Pakistan facing imminent execution.
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IRAN: Alleged juvenile offender among ten hunger strikers threatened with immediate execution
17/déc/2014 News
Saman Naseem was 17 years old at the time of his alleged offence. He says he has been tortured in detention and forced to “confess”.
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Несопровождаемые несовершеннолетние в странах СНГ: не правонарушители, а дети, нуждающиеся в защите - новый отчет
16/déc/2014 News
Пресс-релиз отчета CRIN о нарушениях прав детей без сопровождения, путешествующих между странами Содружества Независимых Государств.
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Отчет CRIN «В чьих интересах? Правовой статус детей без сопровождения в странах СНГ»
16/déc/2014 Publication
Дети без сопровождения, путешествующие между странами, входящими в Содружество Независимых Государств (СНГ)* не имеют практически никакой правовой защиты, согласно последнему исследованию Международной сети по правам ребенка (CRIN).
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