ARABIE SAOUDITE : exécution imminente d'Ali al-Nimr
24/sep/2015 News
L'Arabie saoudite pourrait exécuter jeudi 24 septembre Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, un jeune homme de 21 ans, arrêté pour avoir manifesté contre le régime alors qu'il était encore mineur.
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DISCRIMINATION: Youth curfews and children's rights
8/sep/2015 Publication
Summertime for children is not just about having time off school, staying up late and playing outside; it also comes with...
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AUSTRALIA: Commonwealth sued over alleged negligence of 5-year-old asylum seeker
17/aoû/2015 News
Legal proceedings have been launched against the Australian government over the alleged negligence of a five-year-old girl at Nauru detention centre.
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INHUMAN SENTENCING: Pakistan hangs Shafqat Hussain despite claim he was a child at time of alleged crime
4/aoû/2015 News
Supporters say Hussain was 14 when he was sentenced to death for the murder of a seven-year-old, after a confession he said was obtained by torture.
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UNITED STATES: Judge orders release of immigrant children detained
27/juil/2015 News
A federal judge has said that the government's policy of detaining migrant children and their mothers violates a longstanding ruling that found that such mass detention is against US law.
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ISRAËL : abus à l'encontre d'enfants palestiniens
21/juil/2015 News
Un rapport d'Human Rights Watch répertorie des immobilisations par pseudo-étranglement, des passages à tabacs et des interrogatoires coercitifs.
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IRAN: Whereabouts of juvenile offender on death row emerge five months after scheduled execution
21/juil/2015 News
The whereabouts of Saman Naseem, 21, who was sentenced to death in April 2013 for alleged armed activities against the Revolutionary Guards when he was 17 years old, was unknown for five months. Amnesty International has confirmed his location, alongside news that the Supreme Court has granted him a full retrail. 
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SOUTH AFRICA: Teenagers no longer prosecuted for kissing or consensual sex
20/juil/2015 Publication
A law that criminalised sexual activity between consenting adolescents in South Africa - even for kissing and cuddling - and required them to be put on a sex offenders register was struck down as unconstitutional after a challenge from the Centre for Child Law. CRIN looks at the issue in this case study.
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BRAZIL: Lowering the age of criminal majority, and next steps for opposition movement
15/juil/2015 News
Guest writer for CRIN, Henrique de Souza, from the Brazilian Bar Association, looks at the recently approved proposal to...
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