8/Mai/2013 Publication
Summary: Raising Voices has launched their new website! Come visit to browse their resource library,...
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UGANDA: Peace restored, but northern children still struggle
10/Jan/2013 News
Summary: Over the course of the 20-year-war between the government and the LRA, an estimated 30,000 children were abducted...
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UGANDA: Children's Rights in the UN Special Procedures' Reports
13/nov/2012 Publication
Summary: This report extracts mentions of children's rights issues in the reports of the UN Special Procedures. This does...
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UNITED STATES: Country employs former child soldiers as mercenaries
7/nov/2012 News
Summary: US companies hired by the government recruit former child soldiers from Uganda to risk their lives as mercenaries...
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INHUMAN SENTENCING: Life imprisonment of children in the Commonwealth
24/oct/2012 Publication
Summary: Report on life imprisonment sentences for children in the Commonwealth States....
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Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
9/oct/2012 Organisation
To educate the public, the bar (lawyers), and the judiciary (judges) about the harm caused by all forms of childhood...
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UGANDA: OPSC report on sexual exploitation and child-friendly justice
24/sep/2012 Publication
Summary: This report looks at Uganda's current laws and recent legal reform in relation to the sexual exploitation of...
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UGANDA: Judge says govt should ‘infiltrate’ gay right groups
9/juil/2012 News
[26 June 2012] - A high court judge in Uganda has said security agencies should “infiltrate” gay rights groups to...
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