MALAWI: National Laws
30/Jan/2012 Publication
Summary: General overview of Malawi's national legal provisions on children's rights, including guidance on how to conduct...
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MALAWI: Children's Ombudsperson
30/Jan/2012 Publication
Summary: Information about institutions in Malawi that monitor children's rights....
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MALAWI: Children's rights references in the Universal Periodic Review
26/juil/2011 Publication
Summary: A compilation of extracts featuring child-rights issues from the reports submitted to the first Universal...
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UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child (1959)
ven, 20/11/1959 - 00:00 Instrument
Proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 1386(XIV) of 20 November 1959...
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MALAWI: New farming practices grow healthier children
12/avr/2011 News
Summary: A diversification in farming practices of rural families in northern Malawi which sought to tackle food...
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MALAWI: Parents Marrying Off Daughters as Young as Nine
28/fév/2011 News
Summary: In some of the worst cultural practices in Malawi, girls as young as 9-years-old are forced to marry men decades...
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