BELARUS: 'Please save my son from the death penalty'
30/Jan/2012 News
Summary: Kanavalau was convicted in organising the terrorist attacks in 2005 in Vitebsk, in 2008 in Minsk, and in the...
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The 3rd "Safe Belarus for Children" International Conference
mer, 15/02/2012 - 00:00 Event
Summary: Третья международная конференция "Беларусь, безопасная для детей"...
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BELARUS: Restrictions placed on foreign internet sites
5/Jan/2012 News
Summary: The Belarus interior ministry told Euroradio that any policeman would have the power to enforce the new law. [4...
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HUMAN RIGHTS COMMENT: HRDs need solidarity from all parts of Europe when repressed by their gov'ts
13/sep/2011 News
Summary: "Whenever [the work of human rights defenders] is abrogated in one state, governments in other countries –...
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