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"Shielding The Nation’s Future" - Fortress Nigeria is a anti-child abuse organization, a non-Government organization created to fight against every form of child abuse (Emotional Abuse, Social Abuse, Child labour above all child- trafficking) in our society.It is also created to change public attitudes toward child abuse, through a variety of activities, Fortress Nigeria is working to lead the public in taking a more informed and active part in child abuse prevention.
Fortress Nigeria believes that when one gives special attention to child welfare, one has kept the "future of a nation preserved" like the Chinese Proverb says "do not give me a fish but teach me how to fish". And also to create an enabling environment for the survival, growth and development of children in our society and the world at large.
1. To provide a place where all come for information and living in a afe and secure environment.

2. To encourage and develop a sense of hope in the mind of young children.

3. Encouraging the development of productive health.

4. Provide information and education for those who seek understanding and we can help to stop abuse and it ever increasing trend.

5. Prevention, it is a mission we all share for this world, where every child ha a right to be free from any form of abuse, where every child has right to being safely nurtured by a loving family, supported by loving community and brought up properly.Shielding The Nation's FutureFONNGO



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