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FRANCE : violation de la Charte sociale européenne
4/mar/2015 News
Le Comité des droits sociaux du Conseil de l'Europe estime que le droit français n'est pas assez précis sur la question des punitions corporelles.
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FRANCE: Violation of European treaty on corporal punishment
4/mar/2015 News
The Council of Europe has criticised France for the lack of an explicit and clear ban of corporal punishment in national law. 
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МОЛДОВА: Насилие над детьми в Молдове выросло на 14.38%
3/mar/2015 News
Специалисты районных и муниципальных управлений образования республики в период с сентября по декабрь 2014 года выявили 7...
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HEALTH: Britain's House of Lords approves conception of three-person babies
25/fév/2015 News
Legalising in-vitro-fertilisation, which will give babies genetic material from mother, father and a female donor, is believed to help eliminate mitochondrial disease which affects arround 100 children each year.
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IRELAND: Children will have the legal right to know the identity of sperm donor
17/fév/2015 News
A sperm donation register will be established to help children trace their genetic identity under a new law to be approved by the government next week.
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SUDAN: Girls among victims of mass rape by the Sudanese army
12/fév/2015 News
More than 221 women and girls were raped in Tabit over 36 hours in October last year, a new report reveals. Since the attacks, the Sudanese government has blocked UN investigators from entering the town to try to prevent victims and witnesses from sharing information about the crimes.
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LGBT: Slovak referendum against gay rights fails on low turnout
11/fév/2015 News
Conservatives failed to strengthen the existing ban on gay marriage and adoption by same-sex couples. The referendum, which would have made it more difficult to change the legislation in the future, failed due to a low turnout of far less than the required minimum of 50 percent.
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MONITORING: Transparency and accountability in children's rights implementation
20/nov/2014 News
The WORLD Policy Analysis Center presents its database on States' implementation of the CRC's provisions.   
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SAN MARINO: Lawmakers prohibit all corporal punishment of children
10/nov/2014 News
San Marino has become the latest State to achieve prohibition of all corporal punishment of children in 2014.
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