Article 11: Illicit transfer and non-return

TRAFFICKING: Corporations must strive for trafficking-free supply chains, says UN expert
15/Nov/2012 News
Summary: “Trafficking in persons is a global phenomenon which crosses borders, markets and industries,” said the United...
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MIGRATION: CRC Discussion on Children in Situations of Migration
2/Oct/2012 Publication
Summary: A report by CRIN staff on the 2012 Day of General Discussion, focusing in particular on Child Migration. ...
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CRC 61ST SESSION: NGO Alternative Reports submitted
28/Ago/2012 Publication
Summary: The full list of Alternative Reports submitted by NGOs for the upcoming 61st Session of the Committee on the...
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HAITI: State ratifies Hague Convention on adoption
27/Jun/2012 News
Summary: Additionally, a new domestic law on adoption will be drafted, as the one currently in force, approved in 1974,...
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COLOMBIA: Children put up for adoption without parental consent
26/Abr/2012 News
Summary: Three-hundred Colombian families have come forward whose children were allegedly given up for adoption without...
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JAPAN: Legislation on Hague pact must ensure children's best interests
26/Ene/2012 News
Summary: Legislators have drafted domestic laws required to participate in the Hague Convention, which sets rules for...
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