HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: World Report 2012
8/فبراير/2012 Publication
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Achieving Justice for Victims of Rape and Advancing Women's Rights: A Comparative Study of Legal Reform
7/فبراير/2012 Publication
Summary: This is the first of two reports, prepared at the request of MADRE, the international women’s human rights...
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SWEDEN: National Laws
16/يناير/2012 Publication
Summary: General overview of Sweden's national legal provisions on children's rights, including guidance on how to conduct...
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SWEDEN: Teachers free to ban Islamic veils
13/يناير/2012 News
Summary: The Left Party's education policy spokesperson criticises that the move will give arbitrary powers to teachers. ...
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SWEDEN: Government should stay out of its citizens’ underwear
13/يناير/2012 News
Summary: Swedish law stipulates that in order for someone to change their official gender, they must first prove they are...
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SWEDEN: Children's Ombudsperson
12/يناير/2012 Publication
Summary: Information about institutions in Sweden that monitor children's rights....
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SWEDEN: School sued for failing to stop pupil being bullied
15/نوفمبر/2011 News
Summary: A school in southern Sweden might have to pay damages for failing to help a student who was subjected to kicks,...
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Session Report on Sweden's Initial Periodic Report on the OPSC
17/أكتوبر/2011 Publication
pdf: http://www.crin.org/docs/Sweden Report_OPSC_Final-1.pdf
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