SUDAN: Children's Rights in UN Treaty Body Reports (Arabic)
2/أبريل/2011 Publication
Summary: يبرز هذا التقرير مقتطفات من قضايا حقوق الطفل في التقارير المقدمة من جميع الهيئات المنشأة بموجب معاه ...
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SOUDAN: La question de la citoyenneté demeure non résolue
16/مارس/2011 News
Summary: Les services essentiels restent extrêmement limités dans le Sud, c’est pourquoi de nombreux rapatriés...
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SUDAN: Youth protesters tortured by security forces
11/مارس/2011 News
Summary: Human Rights Watch urges investigation and prosecution of abuse of students by national security officials. ...
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SUDÁN: Manifestantes describen tortura y violación a manos de funcionarios de seguridad
11/مارس/2011 News
Summary: Se urge investigar y procesar abusos contra estudiantes por funcionarios de seguridad nacional. ...
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SUDAN: Inhuman Sentencing of Children
8/مارس/2011 Publication
Summary: Report detailing the legality of inhuman sentencing against children in Sudan. The legality of capital punishment...
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SUDAN: Right to Nationality
21/فبراير/2011 Publication
Summary: The criteria that will be established to determine citizenship of the new entities is one of the many critically...
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SUDAN: Athor rebels 'killed 200' in South Sudan Jonglei massacre
15/فبراير/2011 News
Summary: Around 200 people were killed last week in Sudan, inlcuding almost 160 civilians including children, who were...
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SUDAN: Families in dire need of food
11/فبراير/2011 News
Summary: After days of fighting between Northern troops and Southern militias in the town of Malakal, the priority now is...
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SUDAN: Police clamp down on youth protests, leaving one student dead
1/فبراير/2011 News
Summary: Hundreds of student protesters in youth-led anti-government demonstrations have been beaten, dozens arrested and...
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HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: Global Report 2011
26/يناير/2011 Publication
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