Translators Without Borders
10/نوفمبر/2014 Organisation
Translators without Borders facilitates the transfer of knowledge from one...
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Ensemble de règles minima des Nations Unies concernant l'administration de la justice pour mineurs (Règles de Beijing)
اثنين, 03/11/2014 - 10:30 Instrument
Adopté par l'Assemblée générale dans sa résolution 40/33 du 29 novembre 1985
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JAPAN: Child sex abuse victims face hurdles seeking redress in court
30/أكتوبر/2014 News
Court awards compensation to victim of child sexual abuse despite expiry of statute of limitations.
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JAPAN: Children still being treated as sexual objects in cartoons and comic books
13/أغسطس/2014 News
Possessing child porn is now illegal in Japan - but depicting children as sexual objects in cartoons or animation isn't.
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4/أغسطس/2014 Country
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JAPAN: State bans real-life child sexual abuse material but cartoons remain legal
5/يونيو/2014 News
Possession to be outlawed but manga, anime and computer graphics depicting sexual exploitation of minors exempt.
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InterAction Council
19/ديسمبر/2013 Organisation
Maximum 600 characters
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Defence for Children International-Japan
19/ديسمبر/2013 Organisation
DCI Japan
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