CAMPAIGNING: CRIN's joint letter to Pakistan's Federal Minister for Interior
23/Мар/2015 News
Read the letter CRIN, together with other human rights organisations, sent to Pakistan's minister after the halt of Shafqat Hussain's execution for 72 hours and before it's extension to 30 days. 
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EGYPT: Student forcibly disappeared in Fayoum
18/Мар/2015 News
Police denies the 17-year-old's detention after he has been arrested in his home.
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PAKISTAN: Execution scheduled for man tortured into manslaughter ‘confession’ at 14
12/Мар/2015 News
After the first execution has been suspended due to internationl pressure, Shafqat Hussain has now been handed another execution warrent.
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NIGERIA: Child brides facing death sentences a decade after child marriage prohibited
11/Мар/2015 News
Ten years after underage marriage was prohibited, 39 percent of girls are married before age 15, and two remain on death row for killing much older husbands.      
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PAKISTAN: Man sentenced to death at the age of 16 due to be executed in Karachi
4/Мар/2015 News
Muhammad Afzal, who spent 16 years in prison after receiveing his death sentence in 1999 by an anti-terrorism court, will be hanged on 05 March 2015. 
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ARGENTINA: Se realizan jornadas sobre sistema penal juvenil y derechos humanos
1/Мар/2015 News
Argentina se debe una revisión profunda del sistema penal juvenil.
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الاطفال اللاجئون في خلاف مع القانون في محافظة بيت لحم
26/Фев/2015 Publication
دراسة مشتركة قامت بها الشبكة الدولية لحقوق الطفل-كرين ومؤسسة شروق حول الاطفال اللاجئين في نزاع مع القانون في محافظة بيت لحم
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Refugee children in conflict with the law in Bethlehem
26/Фев/2015 Publication
Joint CRIN-Shoruq study on refugee children in conflict with the law in Bethlehem.
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IRAN: Illegal execution of juvenile offender
20/Фев/2015 News
Despite the international appeals to halt the execution, Saman Naseem was hanged on Thursday. He was arrested in 2011 at the age of 17 years.
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AUSTRALIA: 'The Forgotten Children - national inquiry into children in immigration detention'
13/Фев/2015 Publication
This report by the Australian Human Rights Commission shows evidence of how immigration detention is harming children's mental and physical health. 
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