Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children

  • Conduct Research on human rights issues.
  • Build capacities of community stakeholders on issues related to human rights and conflict management
  • Promote programs on women and children’s health.
  • Work against human trafficking of women and children.
  • Research and support Projects meant at developing the economic potentials of women and children.
  • Conduct seminars/training on issues related to women and children
  • Lobby for funds from international bodies to support women and children activities within their communities.
  • Place local and international volunteers on programs of human rights and development within target communities.
  • Organise workshops/conferences meant at promoting peace and co-existence within target communities
  • Carry-out sensitization programs within communities on children’s rights to education and other facilities to promote their hidden talents.
  • Undertake sound environmental Projects aimed a protecting the environment, such as managing water catchments, carrying our proper waste disposal and tree planting projects as means of labour saving techniques for women and children.
  • Provide welfare services to women and youths with assistance from local and foreign agencies.
  • Lobby with traditional and governmental agencies for the eradication of discriminatory laws and practices against women.



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