Physical abuse

Uganda: 40 children are born with HIV each day and one in two is malnourished
3/Ago/2006 News
Summary: With Ugandan elections on February 23 just weeks away, Save the Children is calling on the candidates to pledge...
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Keeping Children Safe - Child Protection Toolkit
30/Mar/2006 Publication
Summary: The Keeping Children Safe Coalition has developed a set of tools to help organisations working in developing...
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Muertes Violentas De Niños, Niñas Y Jovenes Durante La Administración Del LIC. Ricardo Maduro
6/Mar/2006 News
Summary: A pesar de que los niños, niñas y jovenes son considerados los grupos mas vulnerables de nuestra población y que...
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Public Debates on Child Labour Held in Central and NEP
27/Feb/2006 News
Summary: KAACR in collaboration with the Department of Children Services and the Provincial Child Rights Network in...
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Stop violence against us!: summary report: a preliminary national research study into the prevalence and perceptions of Cambodian children to violence
27/Feb/2006 Publication
Summary: Little research has been done to explore how violence affects children in Cambodia from their perspective or even...
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Child abuse and neglect : a reference for medical professionals. 2nd
27/Feb/2006 Publication
Summary: Designed for medical professionals in Ohio, this book addresses the most frequent child abuse and neglect issues...
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Every Girl Counts, Development, Justice and Gender
17/Feb/2006 Publication
Summary: World Vision International's submission to the UN Study on Violence against children.pdf:
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