Physical abuse

SUDAN: UPR submission on the inhuman sentencing of children
21/Sep/2015 Publication
Our research indicates that there is a lack of clarity in Sudanese law, such that life imprisonment, corporal punishment...
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FRANCE : L'impact psychotraumatique des enfants victimes de violence sexuelle
14/Sep/2015 News
De récentes études dénoncent une absence de protection et de reconnaissance de la très grande majorité des enfants victimes de violences sexuelles, et d’une prise en charge non seulement très insuffisante, mais fréquemment maltraitante.   
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TRAFFICKING: Research points to serious mental health impact on trafficked children
9/Sep/2015 News
Children as young as 10 have attempted suicide or suffered serious mental health problems after being trafficked as sex slaves or forced labourers, researchers said yesterday.
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UN: Children's rights and the Human Rights Committee
28/Ago/2015 Publication
While civil and political rights are recognised specifically for children in the CRC, the review by the Human Rights...
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DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Government will investigate peacekeepers following CAR rape allegations
27/Ago/2015 News
The Democratic Republic of Congo will investigate three of its soldiers serving in the peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic after allegations of rape were made against them.
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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: UN inquiry into child rape claim
12/Ago/2015 News
The UN mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) has launched an investigation into allegations its soldiers raped a 12-year-old girl.
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PAKISTAN: Police accused of downplaying child sexual abuse scandal
10/Ago/2015 News
Up to 280 girls and boys said to have been filmed being abused in one village, but victims’ parents say police did not act until there was a national uproar.
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SENEGAL: First steps taken to eradicate forced child begging in Quranic schools
7/Ago/2015 Publication
A committee of African human rights experts agreed that Senegal must work to stop children in Quranic schools being forced to beg for food and money after two postgraduate students compiled a complaint on behalf of the exploited children.
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TRANSPARENCY: UN paid millions to Russian aviation firm since learning of sex attack on girl
3/Ago/2015 News
Documents reveal United Nations unit uncovered possible ‘culture of sexual exploitation and abuse’ after 2010 but permitted a Russian aviation company to continue receiving contracts worth millions.
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MEXICO: Authorities fail to protect children & adults with disabilities from torture, trafficking & segregation
23/Jul/2015 Publication
This report by Disability Rights International focuses on an institution for children and adults with disabilities where sexual abuse, sterilisation, trafficking, inadequate medical care and degrading living conditions are rampant. Yet authorities allow such a place to continue operating without interference. 
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