Juvenile justice

КЫРГЫЗСТАН: Все дети замечательные, даже правонарушители - начальник Инспекции по делам несовершеннолетних
7/Dic/2015 News
Когда у начальника Инспекции по делам несовершеннолетних (ИДН) Главного управления общественной безопасности МВД Азамата...
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SAUDI ARABIA: More than 50 people, including several arrested as children, will reportedly be executed soon
30/Nov/2015 News
Saudi Arabia allegedly plans to execute more than 50 people convicted of terrorism, including two sentenced as children, two Saudi newspapers reported this week.
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IRAN: Inhuman sentencing of children
16/Nov/2015 Publication
The Islamic Penal Code 2013 came into force in May 2013. The new legislation amends the law with regards to the death penalty, life imprisonment and corporal punishment, but these forms of sentencing remain lawful for offences committed by children.
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SAUDI ARABIA: CRC alternative report on inhuman sentencing of children
28/Oct/2015 Publication
This report was submitted ahead of the 73rd pre-sessional working group of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child as...
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Les enfants dans le système judiciaire militaire israélien
7/Oct/2015 Publication
Palestinian children are routinely and systematically subjected to a harsh military justice regime.
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PAKISTAN: Man initially arrested as a teenager faces execution
28/Sep/2015 News
Pakistani authorities are set to hang a man who says he was 15 when arrested for a murder he says he did not commit, lawyers have said.
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