Judicial use of physical punishment

UNITED KINGDOM: Staff fired after claims of mistreatment at G4S-run young offender unit
14/Ene/2016 News
Four staff have been sacked following allegations of mistreatment of children at a young offender institution.
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BANGLADESH: Inhuman sentencing of children
12/Ene/2016 Publication
The Children’s Act 2013 has substantially amended much of the relevant legislation on the criminal sentencing of children,...
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CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: Global progress towards prohibition up to December 2015
4/Ene/2016 Publication
A milestone in progress towards universal prohibition of corporal punishment of children was witnessed in 2015 with more than half of UN member states achieving prohibition in all settings or committing to doing so.
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MALDIVES: Inhuman sentencing of children
26/Nov/2015 Publication
Corporal punishment and the death penalty are lawful penalties for offences committed by children in the Maldives.
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IRAN: Inhuman sentencing of children
16/Nov/2015 Publication
The Islamic Penal Code 2013 came into force in May 2013. The new legislation amends the law with regards to the death penalty, life imprisonment and corporal punishment, but these forms of sentencing remain lawful for offences committed by children.
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SAUDI ARABIA: CRC alternative report on inhuman sentencing of children
28/Oct/2015 Publication
This report was submitted ahead of the 73rd pre-sessional working group of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child as...
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SAUDI ARABIA: Inhuman Sentencing of Children
22/Oct/2015 Publication
In Saudi Arabia, people may be lawfully sentenced to corporal punishment, life imprisonment and the death penalty for...
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PAKISTAN: Inhuman Sentencing of Children
20/Oct/2015 Publication
People may be lawfully sentenced to corporal punishment, life imprisonment and the death penalty for offences committed...
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EUROPE: Tackling violence against children
19/Oct/2015 Publication
A report from Augeo Foundation and the Dutch Children's Ombudsman on tackling violence against children in Europe, to coincide with the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children's 2015 theme of Violence against Children.
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