Equal opportunities

AFRIQUE : Inquiétude autour du soutien des organisations internationales à la privatisation de l'éducation
11/Dic/2014 News
La société civile exprime son inquiétude concernant le soutien donné par la Banque Africaine de Développement, la Commission Economique pour l’Afrique, la Commission de l’Union Africaine et le Programme de Développement des Nations Unies à la participation du secteur privé à l’éducation en Afrique.
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Reports of the Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association
24/Nov/2014 UN and Regional Documentation
Summary: This report extracts mentions of children's rights issues in the reports of the Special Rapporteur on the Rights...
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Violence against primary school children with disabilities in Uganda: a cross-sectional study
7/Nov/2014 Publication
150 million children live with disabilities globally, and a recent systematic review found 3 to 4 times the levels of violence versus non-disabled children in high income countries. However, almost nothing is known about violence against disabled children in lower income countries. This report aim to explore the prevalence, patterns and risk factors for physical, sexual and emotional violence among disabled children attending primary school in Luwero District, Uganda.
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BENIN : Les droits de l'enfant dans les rapports des organes des traités de l'ONU
4/Nov/2014 Publication
Résumé : Ce rapport est une compilation des extraits liés aux droits de l’enfant dans les rapports et procédures de suivi...
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ТАДЖИКИСТАН: Дети мигрантов вынуждены учить русский язык
22/Sep/2014 News
В селе Джийделик Кара-Сууйского района для детей мигрантов открыт центр по изучению русского языка и компьютерной...
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EURASIA: Gifted children v children with disabilities - how seeking out the ‘best' contributes to social inequality in post-Soviet states
4/Sep/2014 News
CRIN looks at the worship of “gifted” children in post-Soviet states alongside denial of children with disabilities and questions why this culture is so deeply rooted.
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HEALTH: Study shows that forcing children to stick to gender roles is harmful to their health
8/Ago/2014 News
Raising children in societies with fixed ideas about “masculine” and “feminine” roles can be detrimental to their physical and mental health, according to a study.
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INDIA: Child Rights Commission in the state of Goa tells school to re-admit HIV positive children
24/Jul/2014 News
The 13 HIV positive students admitted from nearby Goan orphanage were told to leave the school after protests from parents of other schoolchildren.
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Concluding Observations for Jordan's Fourth and Fifth Periodic Reports
27/Jun/2014 UN and Regional Documentation
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