Article 29: Aims of education

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: Exercise should never be used as punishment
19/Ago/2014 News
Physical activity, particularly exercise, is being used by teachers, sports coaches and parents to discipline children.
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SEX EDUCATION: Calls for better sex education for autistic children
19/Ago/2014 News
Psychologists say that lack of sex education leaves children with autism more vulnerable to sexual victimisation.
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INDIA: Child Rights Commission in the state of Goa tells school to re-admit HIV positive children
24/Jul/2014 News
The 13 HIV positive students admitted from nearby Goan orphanage were told to leave the school after protests from parents of other schoolchildren.
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DISCRIMINATION: Schoolboy in New Zealand made to wash dishes for opting out of Religious Education class
23/Jul/2014 News
Incident has prompted the boy's mother to ask for a public review of religion in schools.
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Achieving education for all and eliminating child labour
Lun, 29/09/2014 - 09:00 Event
Location: Turin, Italy
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CANADA: School board drops abstinence-based sex ed after student complaint
15/Jul/2014 News
The complaint alleged that the school board's sex ed curriculum promoted Christian-based views and painted a skewed picture of contraception and STIs. 
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DISCRIMINATION: Children's books don't reflect cultural diversity, Laureate says
14/Jul/2014 News
"Very, very few picture books are published in this country that feature children of colour," said British Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman. 
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EDUCATION: School suspensions violate children's human rights, say experts
11/Jul/2014 News
Academics say that the way teachers discipline children may breach the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 
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CHINA: Lack of sex education behind child abuse cases, claim experts
8/Jul/2014 News
Legal experts have said a lack of awareness among minors, parental negligence and flawed safety systems are often to blame for the sexual abuse of minors.
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Concluding Observations for Jordan’s First Report on the OPAC
27/Jun/2014 UN and Regional Documentation
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