International Planned Parenthood Federation
19/Dic/2013 Organisation
The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is working globally to ensure the sexual and reproductive health,...
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19/Dic/2013 Country
A north African country bordering Algeria and Libya, Tunisia stretches from the Sahara desert in the south to the...
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Africa: Meeting of the African Committee of Experts - a positive step to promote and protect the rights of the African child
28/Nov/2013 News
Summary: Amnesty International commended the commitment shown by those African states that have ratified the African...
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Concluding Observations and Recommendations on the Consolidated Periodic Report (1995-2006) of the Republic of Tunisia
23/Jul/2013 Publication
Summary: This report compiles all mentions of children's rights in the Concluding Observations of the African Commission...
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Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
9/Oct/2012 Organisation
To educate the public, the bar (lawyers), and the judiciary (judges) about the harm caused by all forms of childhood...
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TUNISIA: Child Rights References in the Universal Periodic Review (Second Cycle)
5/Oct/2012 Publication
Summary: A compilation of extracts featuring child-rights issues from the reports submitted to the second Universal...
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