GHANA: Children's Ombudsperson
13/Dic/2011 Publication
Summary: Information about institutions in Ghana that monitor children's rights....
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GHANA: National Laws
13/Dic/2011 Publication
Summary: General overview of China's national legal provisions on children's rights, including guidance on how to conduct...
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GHANA: Popular belief says children born 'with deformities' must be killed
4/Nov/2011 News
Summary: Such babies have distinguished features like, beard, pubic hair, double sex organs (hermaphrodites), protruding...
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Involving youth in development policy research: lessons learnt
30/Ago/2011 Publication
Summary: This Project Briefing synthesises the findings of a DFID-funded study that examines the impacts of global shocks...
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Child Justice in Africa: a guide to good practice
19/Ago/2011 Publication
Summary: This publication documents “best practice” examples pertaining to a number of child justice issues drawn from a...
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UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child (1959)
Vie, 20/11/1959 - 00:00 Instrument
Proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 1386(XIV) of 20 November 1959...
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