SYRIA: Child marriage soars among Syrian refugees in Jordan
18/يوليو/2014 News
Girls who have fled Syria's civil war are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, domestic violence and poverty, warns the UN.
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CHINA: Lack of sex education behind child abuse cases, claim experts
8/يوليو/2014 News
Legal experts have said a lack of awareness among minors, parental negligence and flawed safety systems are often to blame for the sexual abuse of minors.
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PAKISTAN: Minorities fear ‘forced conversion’ to Islam
17/يونيو/2014 News
Human rights groups believe the number of reported cases failing to capture the true extent of the problem.
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NIGERIA: How to help in efforts to bring back kidnapped Nigerian girls
8/ماي/2014 News
Global outrage at the kidnapping has shown a widespread interest by regular people looking to help the girls, or help prevent another tragedy.
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CHINA: Hundreds of babies rescued as police smash four child-trafficking rings
5/مارس/2014 News
In a nation-wide crackdown on child trafficking, 1,094 people have been detained and 382 babies rescued in China.
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UNITED KINGDOM: ‘Half measures’ for child trafficking victims criticised
28/يناير/2014 News
ECPAT UK warns personal advocate system for child victims of trafficking will lack the legal authority to make a real difference.
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ERITREA: Military is trafficking the nation's children, report says
5/ديسمبر/2013 News
Summary: Senior military officers kidnap and hold to ransom youngsters, and many are sold on to human traffickers,...
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