Cote d'Ivoire

CÔTE D’IVOIRE: Children and Armed Conflict
15/مارس/2012 Publication
Summary: The information below is based on the 2011 report of the Secretary-General to the Security Council (A/65/820-S...
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COTE D'IVOIRE: Child Rights References in the Universal Periodic Review
10/فبراير/2012 Publication
Summary: A compilation of extracts featuring child-rights issues from the reports submitted to the first Universal...
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HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: World Report 2012
8/فبراير/2012 Publication
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Big Business Off the Hook for Human Rights Abuses?
20/ديسمبر/2011 News
Summary: The future of lawsuits brought in the U.S. and UK to address human rights abuses abroad is in jeopardy. ...
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COTE D’IVOIRE: Ex-president Laurent Gbagbo sent to ICC, charged with crimes against humanity
1/ديسمبر/2011 News
Summary: Gbagbo’s indictment, however, is seen as only half the story, as victims of crimes by forces loyal to Ouattara...
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CHILD LABOUR: Nestle 'to act over child labour in cocoa industry'
28/نوفمبر/2011 News
Summary: Yet critics ask why it has taken Nestle so long to act if it knew children were involved in its cocoa production....
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