Article 5: Parental guidance and the childs evolving capacities

SEX EDUCATION: Calls for better sex education for autistic children
19/aoû/2014 News
Psychologists say that lack of sex education leaves children with autism more vulnerable to sexual victimisation.
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HEALTH: Study shows that forcing children to stick to gender roles is harmful to their health
8/aoû/2014 News
Raising children in societies with fixed ideas about “masculine” and “feminine” roles can be detrimental to their physical and mental health, according to a study.
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SPAIN: UN condemns state for negligence in murder of seven-year-old girl
7/aoû/2014 News
UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) rules that negligence by authorities led to girl's murder by her father.
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INDIA: Child Rights Commission in the state of Goa tells school to re-admit HIV positive children
24/juil/2014 News
The 13 HIV positive students admitted from nearby Goan orphanage were told to leave the school after protests from parents of other schoolchildren.
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SYRIA: Child marriage soars among Syrian refugees in Jordan
18/juil/2014 News
Girls who have fled Syria's civil war are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, domestic violence and poverty, warns the UN.
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CHINA: Lack of sex education behind child abuse cases, claim experts
8/juil/2014 News
Legal experts have said a lack of awareness among minors, parental negligence and flawed safety systems are often to blame for the sexual abuse of minors.
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PRIVACY: How 'over-sharenting' can harm your children
1/juil/2014 News
An article about parents sharing information about their children on-line and children's right to privacy.
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TRADITIONAL VALUES: Urgent action needed on harmful 'Protection of the Family' resolution, says ISHR
23/juin/2014 News
Proposed resolution by a group of States at UN has the potential to dangerously narrow the definition of 'family' and increase risk of harm to individuals, says human rights group.
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FGM: Spanish court sentences Gambian couple over Female Genital Mutilation
20/juin/2014 News
Court confirms 12 year prison sentences for Gambian couple in Barcelona for circumcising their two daughters who are minors. 
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UNITED KINGDOM: New law makes it criminal offence to force children into marriage
16/juin/2014 News
Campaigners say that the new law in England and Wales sends "a powerful message".
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