Article 5: Parental guidance and the childs evolving capacities

CIVIL SOCIETY UNDER THREAT: Old and new challenges for human and children's rights advocates in Eurasia
11/déc/2015 Publication
In recent years, the space afforded to civil society to operate freely has been shrinking dramatically across the world,...
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Human Rights Day 2015: Freedoms for adults only?
9/déc/2015 Publication
The freedoms set out in the two Covenants are universal; they apply to everyone, everywhere. Children are no exception, they have all human rights. But children’s freedoms are rarely a priority; the ability to think freely, act and speak is too often denied for children all over the world.
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UN: Children's rights and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
2/déc/2015 Publication
Ahead of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, this new report calls on the UN to address the rights of children with disabilities with the same consistency and rigour as adults’ rights. 
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EUROPE: Sexual rights and risks among youth online
26/oct/2015 News
Children and youth are one of the fastest-growing groups of internet users, bringing them great opportunities – but also new risks.
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KENYA: A social return on investment evaluation
20/oct/2015 Publication
A review from Railway Children detailing the outcomes of an intensive family work pilot project in Kenya, which aims to successfull reconnect street connected children with their families.    
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The Year in Children's Rights: CRIN's 2014-15 annual report
6/oct/2015 Publication
CRIN’s annual report wastes no time regurgitating blurb about who we are and what we do. Instead, we present a global picture of children’s rights, wrapping up the past year’s new or persisting issues around the world. 
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Также известны как Эр-Риядские Руководящие Принципы, принятые Резолюцией Геренальной Ассамблеи ООН 45/112 от 14 декабря 1990 года  
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